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North Carolina Education Center

Motorists must pass a drivers test in North Carolina before they may obtain a driving license through the state Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV). In addition to passing a drivers license test, applicants must complete a written drivers test and a vision screening. The written drivers exam consists of two parts, including a regulatory signs and warning signs test. Students may complete a DMV practice exam and review the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook to help them prepare for their driving tests. When applicants complete a DMV driving practice test, they increase their chances of passing their driver license exams on the first try. Before completing the NC DMV drivers test, however, citizens must complete an approved drivers ed course if they are younger than 18 years of age. Motorists must complete drivers education if they are between the ages of 15 and 18 and wish to obtain a driving license. While driving lessons are not a requirement if applicants are older than 18 years of age, there are many benefits of attending first time driving school, even if the state does not require it. Furthermore, traffic school is available to motorists who wish to improve their driving abilities or avoid a driving license suspension. In some cases, however, DMV traffic school may be requirement after motorists accumulate seven or more points on their driving records. After completing a driver improvement course in NC, motorists receive a three-point deduction on their driving records. To learn more about completing a driver safety course in NC, review the sections below.

Driver Tests Overview in North Carolina

Motorists must pass a drivers test in North Carolina before they may obtain an original driving license under the state Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV). In addition to passing a drivers license test, new motorists must pass a written drivers exam and a vision screening. As part of the NC written drivers test, applicants must pass a regulatory sign, warning signal and knowledge exam. However, specific driving test requirements vary depending on the age of the applicant. Before motorists may complete a drivers exam, they must enroll in driving education and pass a drivers ed test if they are younger than 18 years of age. However, drivers ed is not a requirement if residents are older than 18 years of age. In this case, motorists may complete a drivers license exam without enrolling in drivers education. Read More

North Carolina DMV Practice Tests

Completing a DMV driving practice test in North Carolina is the key to getting behind the wheel of a vehicle even sooner. A DMV practice test includes much of the same information students can expect to find on their actual written exams, including questions pertaining to traffic laws and regulatory road and warning signs. Furthermore, taking a DMV practice exam prior to completing a road and knowledge test and taking the time to study the North Carolina DMV drivers handbook makes motorists more likely to pass their driving exams on the first try. To help motorists prepare for their driving exams, they can take a practice test online here. Read More

North Carolina Traffic School

Attending DMV traffic school in North Carolina is often a requirement after motorists accumulate more than seven points on their driving records. Motorists generally need to attend traffic school after receiving convictions for certain motor vehicle violations, including aggressive or reckless driving, as traffic training teaches motorists how to be a safer motor vehicle operator. After successful completion of a driver improvement course, motorists receive a three-point reduction in driving record demerit points. Furthermore, drivers may complete a voluntary driving course if they wish to brush up on current motor vehicle laws and improve their skills as a motorist, or if they wish to remove several points from their traffic records. Read More

North Carolina Drivers Education

North Carolina drivers ed is a requirement when students between the ages of 15 and 18 wish to obtain a learner permit and a driving license. However, students may enroll in a driver safety course if they are as young as 14.5 years of age. In addition to attending teen driving school, students must complete all three levels of the Graduated Licensing Program before they may obtain a full provisional license. While drivers education is not a requirement for new motorists who are 18 years of age or older, there are many benefits to completing driving lessons before applying for a full license. For instance, driving classes can help students learn the skills and knowledge they need to pass their written and on-the-road driver exams. Read More

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