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DUIs in North Carolina

There are five levels of misdemeanor North Carolina DUI and DWI convictions in the state. Of these DUI consequences, level I is the most serious and level V is the least. However, there are stricter DUI penalties in place for habitual offenders, motorists younger than 21 years of age and commercial vehicle drivers. To help drivers understand DUI information and make the best possible decisions as they face their charges, it is important to hire a DUI attorney after receiving a drunk driving-related charge. After drivers are charged with DUI convictions, they can benefit from lawyer DWI assistance, especially if they do not plan to plead guilty to the offense. As such, motorists can find a DUI lawyer here. To learn more about getting a DUI in North Carolina, including the various penalties and consequences of receiving a drug or drunk driving-related conviction, review the sections below.

North Carolina DUI Laws

Drunk driving information pertains to operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs and/or alcohol (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) of a substance. While DUI and DWI convictions differ in some states, DWI and DUI laws are the same in the state of North Carolina. Under these DWI laws, motorists may be charged with a DUI if they operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher or 0.04 percent or higher if they are a repeat offender. However, these DUI and DWI laws are even stricter for commercial drivers, as they cannot operate a vehicle with a BAC of greater than 0.04 percent, even if it is their first NC DUI or DWI offense. Furthermore, consuming any amount of alcohol may result in a DUI conviction for motorists younger than 21 years of age.

In addition to these DUI laws in North Carolina, there are additional DUI penalties for motorists who refuse to take a blood or breath test, or if they drive a vehicle with an open or closed bottle of alcohol in the passenger area of the automobile. Breaking any of these drunk driving laws requires the assistance of a knowledgeable DWI lawyer, as they can help offenders understand the details of their conviction and make the best possible decisions as they move forward.

To avoid harsh DUI penalties in North Carolina, it is important for motorists to hire a reputable DUI lawyer as they attempt to reduce or dismiss their charges. To get started, motorists can find a DUI attorney here.

North Carolina DUI Penalties

DWI penalties vary depending on the level of the drug and/or alcohol-related offense. In most cases, an NC DUI penalty ranges from level I to level V, depending on the severity of the specific violation. In most cases, level I and II DWI offenses pertain to repeat offenders, motorists operating a vehicle with a driver license revocation, or impaired drivers who transport young children while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Additional DWI consequences pertain to habitual offenders, commercial drivers and motorists under 21 years of age. However, a DWI attorney can help motorists to understand their specific charges before deciding on the next course of action. Before hiring a DUI defense attorney, motorists can search for a reputable DWI lawyer online here.

When motorists hire a DUI defense lawyer in NC, they can attempt to reduce or dismiss their DUI charges and penalties, including fines, jail sentencing, community service and driving restrictions such as suspensions or revocations. Furthermore, specific DUI penalties requiring a professional DWI defense attorney include the following:

  • Level V DUI and DWI offenses – fines of up to $200 and a jail sentence of between 24 hours and 60 days
  • Level IV – fines of up to $500 and a jail sentence of between 48 hours and 120 days
  • Level III – fines of up to $1,000 and a jail sentence of between 72 hours and six months
  • Level II – fines of up to $2,000 and a jail sentence of between seven days and one year
  • Level I – fines of up to $4,000 and a jail sentence of between 30 days and two years
  • Habitual DUI or DWI offenders – a minimum jail term of one year and enrollment in a mandatory substance abuse program (for drivers with three or moreDWI charges within the previous seven years)
  • Commercial drivers – a 10-day disqualification to operate a commercial vehicle (any subsequent DUI and DWI offenses result in a driver license revocation)
  • Motorists under 21 years of age – an immediate 30-day pretrial driver license revocation and an additional revocation for one year after conviction

In some cases, motorists charged with DUI or DWI convictions may suspend their sentencing after completing their minimum jail term and community service requirements, if they commit a level V, IV or III offense. Hiring a drunk driving attorney, however, is the best solution when attempting to reduce or dismiss DUI and DWI charges in North Carolina. Motorists can find a knowledgeable DUI attorney here.

What happens if you get a DUI in North Carolina?

Before charging drivers with a DUI or DWI, law enforcement officials require motorists to complete a blood and/or breath test to determine their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level or to detect whether drugs are present in the bloodstream. The results of these DUI and DWI tests are used during court. However, motorists who refuse to complete a North Carolina drunk driving test receive an automatic 30-day driver license revocation and an additional one-year license revocation after being convicted. In some cases, drivers may receive limited driving privileges after a six-month period.

In addition, all motorists who complete a drunk driver test and have a BAC of more than the legal limit receive an automatic 30-day driving license revocation. In some cases, motorists with North Carolina DUI charges may receive limited driving privileges after 10 days. Driver who receive a DWI conviction, automatically lose their driving privileges for one year (for first offenses) or four years (for second offenses within a three-year period). Additionally, motorists who break DUI laws must go to treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse. However, professional DUI defense can help motorists avoid charges such as these. As such, motorists can search for drunk driving lawyers in North Carolina online here, especially if they plan to fight their charges.

Why hire a criminal DUI attorney in North Carolina?

There are many reasons to search for DWI defense after receiving a DUI or DWI conviction in the state. For instance, an alcohol or drug DUI attorney can help drivers understand the consequences of driving a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol, while also helping them to dispute or reduce their charges. A criminal DUI lawyer in NC can help motorists make the best possible decisions as they attempt to suspend their driver license revocations, fines, or jail sentencing. However, motorists who do not get lawyer DUI assistance may receive the maximum penalties for their DUI and DWI conviction. To receive the best possible outcome after a DUI or DWI offense, drivers can find a drunk driving defense lawyer here.