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Legal Services in North Carolina


North Carolina DUI and DWI convictions are serious offenses and are not taken lightly. For instance, DUI consequences often include a minimum jail sentence of 24 hours, fines, community service and a possible loss of driving privileges. However, penalties vary depending on the severity of the conviction. North Carolina DUI laws are divided into five levels, with level I acting as the most serious conviction and level V being the least. However, a DUI lawyer can help motorists to reduce or dismiss their alcohol-related charges. An attorney can also provide drivers with additional drunk driving information to help them make the best possible decisions. Furthermore, traffic and child support lawyers are also available to residents in need of legal assistance. An NC child support attorney can help custodial parents collect child support payments from the non-custodial mother or father, while also establishing paternity testing and representing them in court. Additionally, the North Carolina child support enforcement is available to help custodial parents collect support payments from non-custodial parents. Furthermore, a traffic lawyer can help drivers reduce or dismiss traffic fines from committing certain moving violations. An experienced traffic court lawyer can help motorists fight tickets and avoid harsher driving penalties in the future. For instance, a traffic violation lawyer in NC can help drivers avoid a driving license suspension or revocation after they engage in careless or reckless driving behavior. A traffic ticket attorney can also help drivers dismiss minor traffic citations as well, including light speeding violations. To learn more about getting a getting a DUI in North Carolina or to discover the benefits of hiring a child support or traffic ticket attorney, review the following pages.

DUIs in North Carolina

There are five levels of misdemeanor North Carolina DUI and DWI convictions in the state. Of these DUI consequences, level I is the most serious and level V is the least. However, there are stricter DUI penalties in place for habitual offenders, motorists younger than 21 years of age and commercial vehicle drivers. To help drivers understand DUI information and make the best possible decisions as they face their charges, it is important to hire a DUI attorney after receiving a drunk driving-related charge. After drivers are charged with DUI convictions, they can benefit from lawyer DWI assistance, especially if they do not plan to plead guilty to the offense. As such, motorists can find a DUI lawyer here. Read More

Child Support in North Carolina

North Carolina child support services are available to custodial parents or legal guardians who wish to receive assistance in collecting child support payments from a child’s non-custodial mother or father. Under the state child support enforcement program, these services are available to parents, non-parent caretakers, alleged fathers, social service agencies, minor children and judicial officials. Additionally, child support lawyers are available to help parents or legal guardians collect support payments for their children while also representing them with legal matters such as custody or visitation rights. To get started, custodial parents can find child support legal services online here. Read More

Traffic Tickets in North Carolina

After motorists receive traffic citations in North Carolina, they may plead guilty to the violation and pay the fine or they may fight traffic ticket offenses in court. If drivers plan to pay their traffic fines and plead guilty to the violation, then they may waive their right to appear in court by paying for the ticket in person, online or by mail. However, drivers need a reputable traffic lawyer if they wish to fight their ticket in court. After receiving traffic violations in North Carolina, drivers can find a traffic ticket lawyer here. Read More

Parking Tickets in North Carolina

Motorists receive parking tickets in North Carolina if they violate local laws and leave their vehicles in a prohibited area, such as a handicap parking space. For instance, local parking authority officials may issue a citation if motorists leave their vehicle unattended in a prohibited space or they violate handicap or disability parking laws. Unlike traffic tickets, parking citations generally do not appear on traffic records, unless motorists commit a criminal offense. Instead, motorists may pay parking tickets directly through the city in which they received the citation. In most cases, motorists may pay a North Carolina parking ticket online, in person or by mail. However, specific parking ticket payment regulations may vary by city. Alternately, drivers may contest parking tickets if they feel that they were wrongly cited. Read More

Ticket Attorneys in North Carolina

Motorists can find a traffic lawyer in North Carolina if they receive a speeding ticket or commit any other type of moving violation and wish to contest it in court. With the help of a traffic court lawyer, motorists can fight ticket fines and avoid accumulating additional demerit points on their driving records. Additionally, a traffic violation lawyer can represent motorists in court, helping them to obtain witnesses and evidence to support their case. Before hiring a traffic ticket attorney, however, it is important to keep several important factors in mind. For instance, an ideal ticket lawyer should be familiar with local traffic laws and have plenty of experience and expertise in their specific area of practice. Additionally, a North Carolina ticket attorney should have a good disciplinary record with the State Bar and hold legal malpractice insurance coverage. To find traffic court lawyers who meet these requirements, motorists can begin their search online here. Read More

DUI Attorneys in North Carolina

A North Carolina DUI lawyer can help motorists in the state who receive a conviction for driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. If motorists do not hire a DUI attorney to help them reduce their charges, they may receive the maximum penalty for their drunk driving conviction, including a mandatory one-year driver license revocation. If motorists do not hire a DWI lawyer after a second DUI conviction, they may lose their driving privileges for four years if their second offense occurred within three years of their first offense. However, a DWI attorney in NC can help drivers to reduce or dismiss these charges in court, while also providing them with honest guidance and legal advice. Additionally, a DUI defense attorney can help motorists reduce costly DWI-related fines, including maximum penalty fees of up to $10,000 in addition to increased automobile insurance premiums. Read More