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Parking Tickets in North Carolina

Motorists receive parking tickets in North Carolina if they violate local laws and leave their vehicles in a prohibited area, such as a handicap parking space. For instance, local parking authority officials may issue a citation if motorists leave their vehicle unattended in a prohibited space or they violate handicap or disability parking laws. Unlike traffic tickets, parking citations generally do not appear on traffic records, unless motorists commit a criminal offense. Instead, motorists may pay parking tickets directly through the city in which they received the citation. In most cases, motorists may pay a North Carolina parking ticket online, in person or by mail. However, specific parking ticket payment regulations may vary by city. Alternately, drivers may contest parking tickets if they feel that they were wrongly cited. To learn more about parking violations in NC and how to pay a parking citation, review the useful information below.

Why did I get a parking citation in North Carolina?

Motorists receive parking tickets for many different reasons, such as leaving a vehicle unattended in front of a driveway or at an intersection. Additionally, drivers receive parking citations for leaving a vehicle unattended on a bridge, sidewalk or crosswalk. Parking authority officials may also issue a citation if motorists do not park on the right side of the road (unless they are on a one-way street) or if drivers exit a parallel parking space without checking for approaching traffic. Furthermore, NC parking violations often include the following:

  • Parking within 25 feet of the curb line of an intersecting street
  • Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or in a fire lane
  • Leaving a vehicle unattended in a “no parking” space
  • Leaving a vehicle unattended on the paved or primary-travel portion of a highway
  • Double parking
  • Stopping a vehicle in a disability parking space without displaying a handicap placard
  • Parking near a crosswalk or loading zone
  • Overtime parking

Consequences of Parking Tickets in North Carolina

If motorists commit parking violations, consequences may include vehicle impoundment or towing, depending on the specific situation. Additionally, drivers must pay the parking ticket before the deadline or additional penalty fees may apply. If residents do not pay parking tickets before the deadline, the city may choose to seek civil judgements in court. However, the specific consequences of parking citations generally vary by city.

How to Pay Parking Tickets in North Carolina

The specific process of paying a parking ticket in North Carolina varies by city. To pay parking tickets in the City of Asheville, Greensboro or Raleigh, for instance, residents may submit their payment in person, online or by mail. To pay parking citations in the Town of Clayton, motorists must submit payment in person or by mail, as online payment is not available. If motorists commit a parking violation and the city boots their vehicle due to delinquent citations, drivers will generally need to submit their payment in person. In most cases, however, parking citations include specific payment instructions, fees and due dates. Furthermore, motorists who need to pay a parking ticket in NC must provide the following information when paying their citation:

  • The parking citation, notice or invoice number
  • The vehicle’s license plate number

If submitting payment for parking tickets by mail, drivers must include their vehicle’s license plate and citation number in the memo field of their money order or personal check. To pay the parking ticket by mail, motorists must send payment to the address indicated on their citation.

Contesting a Parking Ticket in North Carolina

Motorists who received a parking citation in North Carolina but believe that they were wrongly cited may contest the ticket. However, the process of contesting parking tickets varies slightly by city or town. To contest parking citations in the City of Asheville, for instance, drivers may file an appeal within 15 days of receiving the ticket. To contest a parking violation, drivers may complete the process online, in person or by mail. If contesting parking violations by mail in the City of Asheville, drivers must complete a Parking Citation Appeals Form and submit the application to the address indicated on the application.

To contest an NC parking ticket in the City of Raleigh, however, drivers must submit their request within 21 days of receiving the citation. To contest parking citations in the City of Raleigh, drivers may complete a Request for an Appeal and submit it by mail, or they may submit their request online. When contesting parking tickets, drivers generally need to provide their vehicle’s identification number (VIN), citation and license plate number. Additionally, drivers must provide their personal information along with a reason for filing the appeal.