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Traffic Tickets in North Carolina

After motorists receive traffic citations in North Carolina, they may plead guilty to the violation and pay the fine or they may fight traffic ticket offenses in court. If drivers plan to pay their traffic fines and plead guilty to the violation, then they may waive their right to appear in court by paying for the ticket in person, online or by mail. However, drivers need a reputable traffic lawyer if they wish to fight their ticket in court. After receiving traffic violations in North Carolina, drivers can find a traffic ticket lawyer here. To learn more about how to fight traffic ticket fines or how to pay speeding ticket offenses, review the information below.

What are North Carolina traffic violations?

North Carolina moving violations are serious offenses and the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does not take them lightly. If drivers receive too many traffic tickets or if they commit a serious offense such as driving while impaired (DWI) or refusing a chemical analysis, they may lose their driving privileges for an extended period or indefinitely. Traffic convictions resulting in possible driver license suspensions or revocations include the following:

  • Driving while impaired by drugs and/or alcohol
  • Refusing a chemical analysis or violating an ignition interlock restriction
  • Driving with a driver license suspension or revocation
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Failure to pay a traffic fine in NC
  • Speeding more than 15 mph
  • Reckless driving convictions
  • Accumulating more than 12 driving record points in a three-year period
  • Accumulating 8 driving record points in the 3-year period following a driver license reinstatement
  • Receiving a motor vehicle conviction during a driver license suspension

Other moving violations that may result in the issuance of a traffic ticket include aggressive or reckless driving, illegal passing, hit and runs resulting in property damages, failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian, running through a red light or driving without liability insurance. If motorists receive traffic citations in North Carolina for offenses such as these, they may hire a traffic court lawyer to help them reduce or dismiss their charges. As such, drivers can find a traffic ticket lawyer here.

How to Dispute Traffic Citations in North Carolina

After motorists receive a traffic citation in NC, they may fight the traffic ticket in court if they do not intend to plead guilty to the violation or they may waive their right to appear in court and pay the fine. If motorists wish to dispute their traffic violation and plead “not guilty” to the offense, they must go to court to do so. However, hiring a traffic violation lawyer is crucial when fighting traffic ticket offenses in court. If motorists wish to fight a traffic citation and avoid the possible consequences of their conviction, they must hire a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney to guide them through the process and help them make the best possible decisions. In most cases, drivers who wish to dispute traffic tickets must schedule a court hearing and appear in court on the scheduled day. However, it is important to remember that failure to appear (FTA) in court results in an automatic driver license revocation. Additionally, the specific process of fighting a traffic ticket varies depending on each situation. To learn more about how to fight a traffic ticket in North Carolina, motorists can search for a traffic ticket attorney online here.

How North Carolina Traffic Ticket Defense Benefits You

After receiving traffic violations for offenses such as speeding, running a red light, or making an improper U-turn, motorists may hire an NC ticket lawyer to help them decide whether they should plead guilty to the offense or contest it. If drivers wish to challenge the traffic citation, a professional ticket attorney can help them increase their chances of reducing or dismissing their charges. Additionally, traffic ticket defense professionals can help motorists avoid severe driving penalties such as the following:

  • Traffic fines
  • Temporary or indefinite driver license suspensions or revocations
  • Community service
  • Incarceration
  • Driving record demerit points
  • Mandatory driver improvement courses

Before drivers pay speeding ticket fines or waive their rights to a hearing, they may wish to speak with an NC traffic lawyer to help them determine the pros and cons of pleading guilty to the ticket or challenging the offense in court. As such, motorists can find a North Carolina traffic ticket lawyer online here.

How to Pay a Speeding Ticket in North Carolina

If drivers wish to plead guilty to a traffic violation, the DMV and the Chief District Court may allow them to waive their traffic offense and pay the fine without going to court. If drivers can waive their motor vehicle offense, the back of the citation will say so. As such, motorists may waive an NC moving violation and pay a speeding ticket or other type of citation online through the North Carolina Court System, in person or by mail. When drivers pay speeding ticket online, they must submit payment via a credit card. Additionally, drivers who choose to pay traffic ticket online must first complete a citation lookup by entering the citation number from their notice. When paying traffic tickets online without a citation number, customers may enter their last name instead.

Alternately, drivers may pay a traffic ticket in person or by mail. To pay North Carolina traffic tickets in person, motorists must visit the clerk’s office or the magistrates’ office for the county in which they received the charge. As such, drivers must pay traffic fines by cash, cashier’s check, or with a certified check. To pay traffic tickets by mail, however, motorists must send a certified check or a cashier’s check to the clerk’s office for the county in which the charge occurred.

When drivers plead guilty to NC traffic violations, it is important to remember that the charge may affect their driver license privileges, driving record and their automobile insurance premiums. For this reason, fighting a traffic ticket may be a better solution if motorists wish to reduce or dismiss their charges. To fight a traffic ticket, drivers can find a traffic ticket lawyer online to assist them during the process.