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Top Job Search Tools in North Carolina

On paper, finding a job in North Carolina should be easy. There are plenty of businesses, both large and small, which operate out of North Carolina. In reality, locating a job in North Carolina can often prove challenging. Part of what makes finding a job in North Carolina difficult is how many other job seekers are looking for work. While there may be plenty of opportunities, it is not uncommon for businesses to pull their job requests after a few days because they are already swarmed with potential candidates.

Finding employment in North Carolina is possible, but job seekers need to use all the tools at their disposal. Fortunately, North Carolina has a couple of different free job search programs available. While the programs all have the same goal of finding employment, they each help job seekers in slightly different ways. Most of these job seeker services offer users the capabilities to search by keyword, and most allow the user to upload a resume.

North Carolina NCWorks Online

The main job search program in North Carolina is NCWorks Online. Compared to other job search programs, NCWorks is relatively new as it was introduced in late 2013. The program was built to replace the previous job search program, NCJobConnector. NCWorks took everything that worked with the previous program but simplified how the program was used. Not only did this improve efficiency for job seekers, but it also removed redundant information systems, which ultimately saves the state money. This is important, since it means those funds can be reallocated into more useful areas to assist job seekers.

Creating an account on NCWorks Online is fairly straightforward, but job seekers should know that they are required to list their Social Security number before they are able to apply for any jobs. Once they have an account set up, they are able to browse for jobs all throughout North Carolina. NCWorks pulls from numerous online resources, and employers are able to directly post job offers through the website. Job seekers can filter out results based on specific locations or by career choice.

In addition to general job searching tools, the site also provides job seekers access to sample resumes and cover letters. It also helps locate local job centers and other smaller programs in the immediate area. Overall, the website is a great resource for job seekers who want an easy-to-use program with the greatest outreach to job providers in the state.

North Carolina’s My Next Move

My Next Move is a somewhat unique job search program. The program technically helps job seekers find work, but not in the way most job seekers would expect. The main purpose of My Next Move is to help job seekers identify which careers would be a good fit for them based on their personal preferences and interests. Job seekers can input a few key words to describe their ideal career, or they can go through a short questionnaire to help with job placement.

The main goal of the program is to help job seekers when they are using other programs, such as NCWorks Online. One of the problems that many job seekers have is they are unable to focus on specific careers, or they might not even know careers exist that appeal to their interests. By using My Next Move, job seekers can narrow down what to search for through other programs like NCWorks Online.

There is also a special version of My Next Move available for veterans. The program for veterans has the same overall purpose, but it also takes into account careers that might interest them based on the similarities to what the veteran was doing while he or she served in the armed forces.

North Carolina’s My Skills My Future

My Skills My Future is similar to My Next Move. However, one of the key differences is that My Skills My Future is primarily aimed at job seekers who already have previous work experience. The purpose of the program is for job seekers who were recently laid off or are interested in a career change to find work based on their existing abilities. My Skills My Future is very helpful for anyone that feels they are stuck in a job but are unsure of what other career fields to look for that already utilize the skills they have.

O*Net in North Carolina

O*Net is another program that helps identify specific types of jobs. The program is not as personal to job seekers as My Skills My Future or My Next Move. The primary purpose of the program is to provide job seekers the opportunity to look up information about careers they might be interested in. Because of that, job seekers should first use a site like My Next Move to figure out which sort of career they should focus on.

O*Net offers skill assessment tests for those careers, and also explains what sort of requirements job seekers need to land those jobs. The program also explores career advancement in those fields, which is very important for job seekers who wish to excel in their field. Finally, the site also has an option to look up job trends in an area, which helps show the demand of certain careers.

Career Centers in North Carolina

Job seekers who are looking for something with a more personal interaction should attend a career center and job fairs whenever possible. If they are just looking for immediate work, job seekers can also sign up with a temp agency. This is not only a good way to gain experience by trying out a job, but it gives job seekers additional skills to list on their resume.