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Veteran Assistance Programs in North Carolina

If you are a North Carolina military veteran, then you are entitled to many privileges and forms of assistance of which you may be unaware. These services can help you after your military discharge or retirement. The North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA), which works in conjunction with the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs, administers and coordinates multiple military veterans assistance programs and services for which you may qualify. For example, you can receive help with getting post-military service employment or discounted housing from the DMVA. Other DMVA programs and services can help you obtain military benefits if those benefits has been delayed for any reason. Below is information about each of the DMVA services available to you and how you can use those services to facilitate a military benefit claim or maintain a comfortable lifestyle after serving in the military.

Claiming Military Benefits Through the North Carolina DMVA

In North Carolina, veterans assistance programs exist on a state level. For example, the DMVA is a state agency with 12 offices. However, there are also federal veterans assistance programs and local veterans assistance programs in place to assist you as well. A North Carolina DMVA representative can act as a facilitator to help you claim military benefits you are owed from local, state and federal programs for veterans. DMVA benefits claims representatives are available online or by phone 24 hours per day.

North Carolina Veterans Education Programs

North Carolina offers four primary veteran education programs which may assist you with furthering your education after your military service. They are the Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP), the Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP), the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program and Tuition Assistance (TOP-UP). If you are interested in continuing your post-military education, then you must contact the DMVA to determine which of the four programs you can join based on the military branch in which you served.

North Carolina Veterans NC4ME Employment Program

North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME) is also known as the Military Employment Initiative. NC4ME was established in 2015 in an effort to encourage businesses across the state to support military veteran employment. The NC4ME program connects military veterans with training, education and job availability resources.

Under NC4ME, you are entitled, as a military veteran, to employment preference, provided you meet the other qualifications for the position to which you are applying. The NC State Human Resources Department and the DMVA will assist you in locating positions for which you qualify based on skills you learned before and during your military service. For example, if you served in active combat situations then you may be eligible for a law enforcement or security position. If your military position was administrative or mechanical in nature, however, then you might be matched with engineering or administrative job openings according to your skill set.

North Carolina Veterans NCWorks Employment Service

You can also seek post-military employment through the North Carolina Division of Workforce Solutions NCWorks Program, which serves military veterans and their spouses. In order to use the NCWorks service, you must visit an NCWorks Career Center. A career center representative will assess your history and skills and help you to learn about career options which suits those skills.

NCWorks Career Centers also services such as computer access and resume assistance, as well as individual and group career counseling. If you have a significant employment barrier, such as homelessness or disability, an NCWorks counselor can also give you additional assistance tailored to your needs. Additional services available through NCWorks include veteran apprenticeship information, job fair resources and transportation.

North Carolina Veteran Housing Assistance

As a North Carolina military veteran you may be eligible for housing assistance. If you are currently homeless, there are programs in place to assist you with transitional housing. If you are a homeowner, but you are struggling financially, then you may be eligible for tax credits or other forms of assistance due to your military veteran status. A North Carolina DMVA representative can tell you about any financial assistance for which you may qualify. A list of low-income or homeless veteran housing facilities is also available through the DMVA.

If you are a veteran who requires assisted living services or are the family member of such a veteran then the DMVA can also assist you. There are four veterans’ homes in North Carolina which are run by the DMVA. Each veteran home offers security, medical care, trained social workers and ongoing social and recreational activities for resident veterans. The DMVA-run veterans’ homes are located in Kinston, Salisbury, Fayetteville and Black Mountain.

Additional North Carolina Veteran Services

The DMVA and other North Carolina organizations offer many additional services for veterans and families. If you are the child of a deceased veteran, then you can obtain information regarding scholarships you are eligible to receive through the DMVA. If you are a veteran or authorized representative of a veteran, then you can contact the DMVA for a copy of a military record, which may be required in order to activate various military benefits or qualify for veteran services.