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VIN Checks in North Carolina

Car buyers may complete a North Carolina vehicle identification number check (also known as a VIN lookup) before they purchase a used automobile from a car dealership or private seller. Since a car’s VIN is like its fingerprints, it can tell buyers a great deal of information about a previously-owned vehicle. For instance, a VIN check includes information pertaining to the vehicle’s accident involvement, water damages or safety recall information. For this reason, it is important to complete a VIN number lookup before purchasing a car, even if the car dealer or seller claims there are no issues with the vehicle’s history. To get started, drivers can lookup VIN information by submitting a request online here. To learn more about checking VIN numbers before purchasing a used vehicle, review the information below.

What is a North Carolina VIN check?

A car’s VIN is a unique, 17-digit code containing information about a vehicle’s manufacturer, year, make and model and more. When drivers complete a VIN code lookup, they must provide their car’s vehicle identification number if they wish to unlock details about the automobile’s history. In some cases, a VIN report may deter buyers from purchasing a car, as a VIN number check may reveal suspicious details about the vehicle’s past performance. For instance, a North Carolina VIN number check includes information such as the following:

  • Any current or past liens on the vehicle
  • The car’s maintenance history
  • Issues with the car’s title or odometer settings
  • The vehicle’s accident involvement
  • Details about the car’s previous owner(s)
  • Warranty claims and safety recalls
  • Manufacturer information
  • Vehicle damages

Motorists can check VIN number information online before making the decision to purchase a previously-owned vehicle, as an NC VIN history report can help drivers to feel more confident with their decision to purchase a used car. As such, drivers may submit a request for a VIN check online here.

Completing a VIN Code Lookup in North Carolina

There are several ways to obtain a VIN number report in North Carolina, including online or through the state Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV). However, online VIN history reports are easy to complete from the comfort of your home. When looking up VIN number information online, you receive instant access to your car’s history, rather than waiting for your vehicle identification number results to arrive in the mail. To complete a VIN number lookup online, you may submit your request for a VIN check here. After receiving the results of your VIN lookup, you can decide whether to purchase the vehicle or search for a more reliable automobile instead.

If you cannot lookup your VIN number online, or if you prefer to submit a request for a VIN check directly through the NCDMV, you may complete a Request for Motor Vehicle Information (MVR-605A) and send it to the Mail Service Center in Raleigh. When completing an application for a VIN number lookup, you must provide your full name, signature, address, telephone number and driver license number, and wait for the results to arrive in the mail. However, these North Carolina VIN reports do not contain as much information as an online lookup. This type of VIN lookup includes information pertaining to the vehicle’s title history, car insurance and previous ownership information. However, an online VIN code check from a trusty third-party provider is often more extensive.

When to Check VIN Number in North Carolina

The best time to complete a VIN check in NC is before you make the decision to purchase a vehicle from a dealership or private seller. Since a vehicle identification number lookup can tell you a great deal about the car or truck you plan to purchase, it is important to complete the VIN code lookupbefore finalizing the transaction. If you lookup a VIN and receive poor results about the vehicle’s history or past performance, you will save yourself the hassle of purchasing an unreliable automobile. If you complete a VIN number check after you purchase the vehicle, however, you may be stuck with an unreliable car or truck. For this reason, it is crucial that you check VIN numbers before completing any purchase paperwork or signing any documents. As such, you may get your North Carolina VIN check instantly by submitting your request here.

Furthermore, vehicle identification number lookups can benefit you as a car seller as well. If an NC VIN report reveals positive information about a vehicle’s history, you can use this information to your advantage when attempting to sell the car or truck to another driver. Alternately, you can use your VIN history report to address any issues with the vehicle if the report reveals anything suspicious.

How to Find a VIN in North Carolina

Before you can complete a North Carolina VIN check online or through the NCDMV, you must locate the VIN on your automobile. If you are wondering how to check VIN number information on a vehicle, you must complete the following steps to locate the car’s vehicle identification number:

  • Stand outside of the driver’s side of the vehicle and search for the car’s VIN number near its dashboard OR
  • Open the driver’s side door and search for the VIN near the door post (door jamb)

If you look for the car’s vehicle identification code but cannot find it, you can look in the vehicle’s trunk (under its spare tire), in the rear wheel well or under the car’s hood. After you locate the car identification code, you may complete an online VIN check in NC by submitting a request here.