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Car Registration in North Carolina

Drivers must complete the North Carolina car registration application process after acquiring a new or used vehicle. Read More

New Car Registration

Motorists must obtain North Carolina car registration credentials after they purchase or acquire a new or used vehicle from a private seller or licensed ...

Renew Registration

Motorists must apply for vehicle registration renewal in North Carolina once per year. As such, residents may renew car registration materials online or ...

Replace Registration

To replace a lost car registration in North Carolina, motorists must complete an application, pay the applicable fee and submit proof of liability insurance.

Car Registration Change of Address

Residents must apply for an address change on car registration in North Carolina whenever they move to a new address within the state. Motorists may submit ...

Change Name

Motorists must change name on car registration in North Carolina if they apply for a new name after marriage, divorce, court order or for any other valid reason.

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