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How to Title a Vehicle in North Carolina

All North Carolina residents must get a new car title if they have recently moved to the state from another state or if they have recently acquired a motor vehicle. The car title renewal process in North Carolina is overseen by the NC Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV) which also manages driver’s licenses and other similar permits.

Drivers wondering how to get a car title in NC depends on how the car owner acquired the vehicle. When applying for a vehicle title, NC drivers must provide a valid proof of identity along with other important information about the vehicle in order for their application to be processed. In addition, the applicabletitle renewalfees must be paid and the necessary applications filled out. Keep reading for more information about getting a new car title in North Carolina to have your car back on the road in no time.

Prerequisites for Filing a New Car Title Application in North Carolina

A North Carolina DMV car title can be received by either visiting the NCDMV in person or by mailing in a DMV title renew application with all of the necessary documentation. In order to be eligible for vehicle title registration in North Carolina, drivers must be able to meet certain prerequisites before submitting an application. To begin, applicants must have a valid NC state driver’s license at the time of submitting the title application. To get a new car title for a vehicle with more than one owner, all owners must place their signatures on required documents and have those documents notarized. In addition, all owners must attach a copy of their driver’s license to the title application. NC drivers who choose to mail in their application should also include a copy of their license as well.

NC applicants for new car titles that are new to the state are also asked to provide their valid out-of-state driver’s license in addition to their North Carolina Temporary Driving Certificate (TDC) to be able to submit their title application.Title renewal in North Carolina is not possible if the driver has not paid the property taxes due on the vehicle. At the time of submitting a new car title application, drivers should make sure to include valid proof that they have paid all necessary property taxes. NC drivers may not be permitted to file for a new auto title if any type of block or stop has been placed on the resident’s driving privileges. In these situations, it is best for the driver to check out his or her eligibility for title renewal before completing the application and submitting necessary documentation to avoid wasting time.

Documents Necessary for Car Title Renewal in North Carolina

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, NC residents who need vehicle titles are asked to show their current driver’s license at the time of application. If the auto titleowner does not have a valid copy of his or her driver’s license, he or she must request a driver’s license renewal or replacement driver’s license before proceeding with renewing his or her car title. Non-residents of the state of North Carolina are also required to provide one additional document that demonstrates the driver’s purpose for being in the state temporarily, such as documents verifying the driver’s active military station in NC, student status, etc.

Another important part of the title renewal application is the driver’s proof of North Carolina Liability Insurance. Vehicle titles require drivers to have coverage for bodily injury to one or more people and damage to property. To get a DMV car title, drivers in North Carolina are also required to purchase uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage, uninsured motorist property damage coverage and sometimes underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage. These forms of insurance coverage protect drivers from having to pay for bodily or property damage caused by the negligence of uninsured drivers. The minimum acceptable liability coverage levels for NC drivers vary based on the type of vehicle owned by the driver.

How to Get a Car Title in North Carolina

Once an NC driver seeking a new car titlecan meet all necessary prerequisites and application requirements, he or she can begin filling out the necessary paperwork. Which vehicle title forms much be completed will depend mostly on how the driver came into possession of the vehicle. For vehicles purchased from an individual or a dealer, NC residents must complete at least five different application forms, some within the presence of a notary. The process for getting a new car title in for owners of the vehicle whose name is already registered to the vehicle only requires three documents. Similarly, DMV title renewal for out-of-state vehicles with titles held by a recorded lien holder must also submit three documents, one of which is unique to this group of titles.

NCDMV Vehicle Title and Registration Fees

In addition to these documents, title registration cannot be completed in North Carolina without the appropriate processing fees. The NCDMV’s schedule of fees for car title renewal is based on what specific services the driver needs. In most cases, the NCDMV accepts payment of these fees by cash, money orders, personal checks, and most credit and debit cards. Some NC titling fees vary based on the driver’s specific needs, such as when ordering commercial license plates. Drivers who are concerned about how much their new car title might cost can request an estimate from the DMV beforehand to avoid any expensive surprises when submitting their title application. When the NC driver has gathered all necessary documents, completed the correct paperwork and prepared the titling fee, he or she can mail the application packet to their nearest NCDMV or drop it off in-person.

How to Get an Instant Auto Titlein North Carolina

An instant vehicle title may also be possible for some eligible drivers in certain situations in North Carolina. An instant NC auto title is a fast titling service offered by the NCDMV that allows drivers to pick up their new title on the same day as application submission. Using the instant car renewal process will cost an additional fee and can only be carried out in two main locations of the NCDMV. Applicants for title registration in NC can also mail in a request for an instant car title to have their new car title mailed out to them on the following business day.