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In North Carolina, a DMV title transfer is necessary for drivers who have recently come into the possession of a motor vehicle or recently sold or gifted a motor vehicle. How to transfer a car title in NC is similar to the process of getting a new car title and involves many of the same documents and application forms. Information that is required during a car title transfer includes the identification information of both the car ‘receiver’ and car ‘giver’ the date of sale or delivery and other relevant information.

NC drivers who need a car title name change do not need to go through the transfer process. Instead, these drivers should look into how to change the name on a car title by getting a replacement title through the NC Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV). The NCDMV manages all aspects of the transfer process in North Carolina in addition to providing driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations and more. Keep reading for more relevant information about transferring car titles in North Carolina.

Documents Needed for a DMV Title Transfer in North Carolina

When applying for a vehicle title transferin North Carolina, you are required to bring your valid NC driver’s license with you for all services rendered within an NCDMV. Any driver hoping for a title transfer who has not renewed his or her expired driver’s license, replaced a lost or stolen license or updated an out-of-state driver’s license to an NC license will not be able to complete the transfer.Non-residents of North Carolina who need a car title transfer are also required to provide one additional document that demonstrates the driver’s purpose for being in the state temporarily, such as documents verifying the driver’s active military station in NC, co-ownership of the vehicle, etc. In addition to this information, all transfer applications in North Carolina will require the applicant to include his or her name and address, odometer reading and more.

How to transfer a car title for motor vehicles with more than one owner is slightly different. All owners of the vehicle must place their signatures on all required title transferdocuments and have those documents notarized when necessary. These owners must also attach a copy of their driver’s license to the title application. Title applications from individuals being represented by the power of attorney must include additional documentation as well.

Drivers in NC who need a car title transfer should also know that they must be able to demonstrate to the NCDMV that they have at least the minimum required coverage level of liability insurance. Acceptable proof of meeting the minimum liability insurance standards for a title transfer is usually provided to the NCDMV in the form of insurance documents. To get a DMV title transfer, NC drivers are required to purchase uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage, uninsured motorist property damage coverage and, in some cases, underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage.

How to Transfer a Car Title in North Carolina

Once you have gathered all of the necessary documents and evidence for your NC title transfer application, you will need to fill out a few different forms to complete the application packet. Exactly how to transfer your car title will depend on your situation. Applicants submitting a car title transferrequest because they have recently purchased a motor vehicle from a private individual must fill out a series of forms that include the original car title, odometer reading and more. NC drivers who are requesting a DMV title transfer because they have recently purchased a motor vehicle from a car dealer must fill out another series of forms that include the original car title, Bill of Sale and more. The final category for transfers in North Carolina are those motor vehicles that have been gifted or donated. In this case, similar documentation is needed as in the other types car title applications in addition to a statement that affirms the change in ownership.

In many cases, NC drivers may be able to order an instant title transfer to be able to receive their new, valid title document the same day. The instant car title transfer procedure is more or less the same in this situation, except for an additional processing fee that is added on top of the typical application fee. Instant titles can be very helpful for NC residents who are only in-state for short periods of time or every so often.

NCDMV Car Title Transfer Schedule of Fees and Penalties

The NCDMV’s schedule of fees for car title transfers is based on what specific services the driver needs, ranging in price significantly. The exact fee for the title transferwill depend on whether the driver is ordering a Certificate of Title, Instant Title, Duplicate Title with Reassignment or paying highway taxes. All NCDMV normally accept payment for vehicle title transfer fees with cash, money orders, personal checks and most credit and debit cards.When the driver has compiled the complete title transfer application packet including the correct fee, he or she can submit it at the nearest NCDMV location or by mail, in most cases. Questions about transferring car titles and related matters can be done both by email and in-person at a local office.

NC drivers who have received or purchased a motor vehicle and fail to report this change in ownership via a title transfer to the NCDMV within 28 days of the transaction or the notarization of the Bill of Sale will be subject to a penalty fee. Theamount of this fee does not increase over time. Like other NCDMV fees, payment of this penalty can be done through cash, money order, checks or credit and debit cards.